All About Lake City Scuba

In The Beginning…

Lake City Scuba was started by John Sloan many years ago as a way to spread his passion for Scuba diving to other people in the region and have some fun in the process.  Lake City Scuba is one of the areas leading resources for diving equipment, instruction and service.

How Can We Help?

We always respond right away as long as we aren’t underwater!

The Gear

We only sell the best in diving equipment and gear.  We also use virtually everything we sell and we’re happy to help you choose your new equipment.  Call, e-mail us, or stop in the store and we’ll be happy to get you gear from the best brands.

PADI Dive Instruction

PADI is the largest Scuba instruction and certification group in diving.  Whether you’re going on a vacation dive or even exploring the lakes in the area your PADI training will be recognized everywhere and prepare you for you new adventures.

One Stop Shop

At Lake City Scuba we’re not just a dive shop.  We also service and repair virtually everything we sell.  

Explorers Wanted

E-mail Us

Have a question?  Is there something we can do for you?  Send us an e-mail by going to the contact us section on the page.

Call Us

Of course you can always call us too!  Our number is 574 267 7000.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!